Xiaoyun and her dreaming thoughts through her music

Xiaoyun and her dreaming thoughts through her music

Sunday, 16 August 2015

The Resistance - a War Drama mixed with Ninja action, directed by The 32nd generation shaolin monk, Zhang Li Peng

In 2010 came a man from former shaolin monk to Martial artist/Actor/Director Zhang Li Peng and got introduced to the world with the movie "Last Kung Fu Monk" then he reached to Cannes Film Festival at 2012 with two movies, one of them is The Resistance.

The Movie was filmed at Tao Hua Dao Island, during the time of the Tsunami wave incident that occured in Japan, that somehow didn't reach the Island.

The Movie is starred Hu Sang as the heroine Xiao Yun, Jeremy Marr Williams as the american Journalist Steven, and Zhang Li Peng play the role of the villain general Takeshi, the rest of the cast is Zhao Jun Long as the resistance leader Chen, Zhang Xiao Hua as Xiao Yuns sister Ling Ling, and Johan Karlberg as Schultz The Nazi.

In 1940 City named Shichen is controlled ruthless of general Takeshi and his imperial japanese army. A masked murderer known as "The Black Dress Killer" is systematically killing Japanese soldiers, working the way to the top Japanese General, who is responsible of many Deaths of men and women including Xiaoyuns family. Xiaoyun is a pesant girl who Joined The chinese resistance to revenge her family. An American reporter is sent to China to uncover the truth about the unrest between China and Japan. What he finds threatens his own life.

The Resistance is a sad but beautiful and thrilling movie. With heart feeling characters and exciting fighting scenes. And how to look at the world with Xiao Yuns eyes is brilliant, when its present time The color is blue scaled, when Xiao Yun think back to the a recent past then the color is green scaled, and when she see hate then the color is red scale, and when she tells her childhood story the color is black and white.

The martial art scenes are nicely choreographed, that feels both intense and heart beating specially when the black dress killer fight with a Samurai Geisha.

I give this Movie an 8/10 stars for the cool and gripping combat scenes, the beautiful color mix, and the strong story telling.

- Xu Liang

This movie can be bought at Amazon.com